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Here’s An Amazing Cover Of Hallelujah Played On The Guitar In The Last Of Us Part II


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You know what they say, give a gamer lemons and they’ll use it as a controller to finish the Dark Souls series in one sitting. The gaming community are a creative bunch that are always looking for a way to accomplish things in new and innovative ways.

We’ve seen a number of people jamming out with the guitar found in The Last of Us Part II and the results have ranged from awesome to…interesting.

One that’s really managed to capture our attention comes from actor/YouTuber Roshan Maloney, who covered Leonard Cohen’s ageless song Hallelujah. Maloney records his vocals while Ellie accompanies them with her guitar. It’s very impressive and quite beautiful, so give it a listen:

Are you playing The Last of Us Part II? Do you enjoy Maloney’s cover? Let us know.



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