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The Best Kemco Games on Android


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The Five Best Kemco JRPGs

Japanese video game developer Kemco, Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co has been making video games since the mid-1980s. In 2007, they started to be exclusively a mobile game developer. Before that, they published games for every system but had a larger production in Nintendo systems. There first title was Dough Boy put out on the NES way back in 1985. Kemco found their calling generally producing titles boasting immersive storytelling and quality gameplay. They have become a staple in mobile JRPGs with their old school set up and anime style designs.

For the uninitiated, JRPGs differ from Western RPG games in a few simple ways. JRPGs usually utilize turn-based combat and rely heavily on story while Western RPGs tend to focus more on action. Another aspect that is a staple in JRPGs is fantasy. Nearly all have a fantasy storyline, often looking like they were taken out of medieval Europe with a futuristic twist. With many JRPGs, if you’ve played one, you know them all. Kemco JRPGs are no different and have created a stable market of mobile games that don’t fail to satisfy fans of the genre. With an impressive 86 titles available on Google Play, Kemco delivers endless content and as you might imagine some of their titles are clearly better than others. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you here sifting through those 86 games to produce this list of the top five Kemco JRPGs.

5. Eve of the Genesis

Eve of the Genesis makes the list with its simple gameplay that can be completed start to finish in one lazy day without much hassle. This title’s graphics are more refined and smoother than other Kemco titles. The storyline isn’t the best that Kemco has created but will keep you entertained. Like most JRPGs, this game features a ragtag team of misfit youths battling against evil to save the world. In this case, its robots. 2000 years after an epic war between humans and their machine overlords, robots begin to return.  Effat and his friends go on an adventure to find out why they are coming back. Also, they save the world because that’s how it goes in a JRPG. Sometimes, simple is better and this title proves that. Newcomers and fans of JRPGs alike can enjoy the simplicity of Eve of the Genesis with its six-hour gameplay.

4. Covenant of Solitude

Entering a world with dragons, fairies, beasts, and vampires, Covenant of Solitude allows you to have more control over your characters than other Kemco games. You can customize your party with classes that match the style you play. You play a genie that can control monsters, which add to your party. Fort, the genie in question,  is feared by the village for his abilities but has to battle an expansionist government (governments whose reign spreads as they conquer other countries like Nazi Germany) that burns his village down and throws him in prison. Dungeons are a main feature in this game and provide plenty of opportunities to test your skills by battling unique monsters. Being able to customize and play how you want makes Covenant of Solitude a worthy addition to your gaming library.

3. Revenant Saga

What makes Revenant Saga different from the other titles in this list is the use of 3D graphics during turn-based battles. The rest of the gameplay features old-school 16-bit graphics that you see in most Kemco games. The plot takes Batman’s Arkham Knight series and mixes it with Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death and adds a mad scientist just to cover all the bases. The main character goes to a doctor for a cure from the plague but finds out said cure is actually an experiment to turn people into Revenants. He’s then left with a demon plaguing his body and a fight to exact revenge on the scientist who killed his childhood friend for some reason. If your looking for a JRPG with a darker storyline then Revenant Saga will entertain you while you fight through battles with upgraded graphics.

2. Asdivine Hearts

Asdivine Hearts takes a high spot on this list with its improved graphics and animations. While this title is still rendered with 16-bit graphics, Kemco adds impressive animations to battles and breathtakingly detailed designs that really make it stand out. Another interesting feature that places this JRPG near the top of the list is the dating sim system that determines which ending you get. You play as Zack who has the choice between four people each of whom lead to two different endings. Like most successful dating sim games, you can happily replay it to see the different endings.

1.    Symphony of Eternity

Symphony of Eternity is the first Kemco released for Android. Like other titles on the list, it follows the lead group as they embark on a magical adventure. For this one, they are on a quest to find Regratlute which will grant a wish. This title is a shining example of what JRPGs have to offer and sets the stage for Kemco to continue to bring us a number of quality JRPGs to Android. Quirky characters add to the excitement of the emotionally charged storyline both of which serve to immerse players in a superb and singular adventure.



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